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Composition :Rubber wood from sustainably managed forests, Pyrex glassware: high quality glass very resistant to shocks and mouth-blown by a master glassmaker. Silent device: with a glass cap and the underside of the engine is equipped with a foam plate to avoid noise-generating vibrations. This very powerful cold system can cover rooms up to 100m² in 20 to 30 minutes and equipped with a switch with adjustable flow variator. It has the advantage of not denaturing essential oils and thus preserving all their qualities and active ingredients. Essential oils are propelled by microdiffusion into the atmosphere to quickly clean up your home. It is very decorative with its slender glassware and light wood lacquered base.
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Very intuitive, it lights up with a simple touch of the hand and its delicate mist is illuminated with elegant colors to bewitch and soothe the time of the diffusion. With its beech wood base and its sleek design, it invites itself as a beautiful decorative object in the house and slips easily into all styles of interiors. Technological innovation: the 1st glass tank that preserves all the qualities of essential oils and lasts really long (0 plastics)
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Its Venturi effect makes it possible to propel microdroplets of essential oils very effectively in all rooms of the house, even the largest. Its discreet and timeless design has been imagined to blend into all settings and last in time beyond fashions. Made of wood and recyclable glass, it is eco-designed. Very intuitive, it will appeal to both pros and beginners in aromatherapy!

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